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Energy security: where are the grown-ups?

22 September 2021

For the last eighteen months or so, we have all been bombarded by politicians, media, Twitter and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all with a demand that we should follow the science. Superficially, that seems a reasonable approach; but it’s not.


The Return of the Ring

08 September 2021

So, the theatre is back. After eighteen months of silence and gathering dust, the trading floor in Finsbury Square is again echoing to the voices of dealers sitting on the red leather benches.


Pax Britannica, pax Americana

25 August 2021

This is only tangentially related to metals today - wait to the end for the connection - but the mayhem being reported from Afghanistan started me thinking of the historic issues of that unfortunate war-ravaged land.


And then there were eight....

12 August 2021

Hot on the heels of the LME confirming that its new hybrid pricing structure – part open-outcry and part electronic screen – will start on September 9, Triland Metals, one of the nine remaining Category One Ring Dealers, said it would not be returning to the floor, and would become a Category Two Member.


Keep it simple

11 August 2021

The Victorians (as in nineteenth-century British, not inhabitants of the Australian state) have a reputation for being repressed, buttoned-up, overly mannered and deeply class aware; most of that is probably justified, but there is another side as well. Their engineers and scientists were responsible for massive advancement of society and technology.


Bring on the new contracts

28 July 2021

This week saw the London Metal Exchange (LME), which is still in semi-hibernation from the 16-month long Covid-induced closure of its trading floor, introduce six new contracts, largely geared towards its more environmentally responsible approach to business.


Schrödinger's Ring?

21 July 2021

I guess most readers of this will be familiar with the thought experiment of Schrödinger’s Cat, even if, like me, as non-quantum physicists, the ability to grasp the concept fully is a tad ephemeral.